Week of April 20 – 24


This week finishes the Equations and Functions Unit concepts and the assessment will be given next week on either Monday or Tuesday depending on block. I have posted below a review worksheet along with answers. Students should spend time this weekend reviewing the materials and notes from class to be prepared for the assessment. Students begin a performance task after the assessment on using graphs and functions to solve a mystery. That will be the final grade from this unit before starting statistics and probability as last unit of the semester.

Equations and Functions Assessment Review

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/04/EquationsandFunctionsTestReview.pdf”]

Equations and Functions Assessment Review ANSWERS

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/04/EquationsandFunctionsTestReviewAnswers.pdf”]

Social Studies

This week’s AFC research focus has been Causes and Home Country Outlook. Students are researching the causes of the issue as it pertains to their research question and how the issue affects their home country (where passport is from, or where they have spent a majority of their upbringing). They will need to have completed seven note cards by Friday April 24th at 3pm. Next week will then focus on researching solutions to their issue. Also next week they will be introduced to the choice board of projects they can complete to demonstrate what they have learned about their issue. I have posted this below so that they can start thinking of which project best suits their issue and strengths.

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/04/AFCChoiceBoardProducts2015.pdf”]


English classes this week were devoted to supporting students as they researched their Causes and Home Country Outlook. We also learned how to use in-text citations in MLA format. Next week will be focused on helping students select the best product from the choice board that will complement their skill set and be an effective demonstration of what they learned about their issue.


We began making our self contained ecology columns (e-column) this week. They will be completed by the end of the week and students will make their initial observations and measurements of the e-column. Each student is assigned a specific chamber that they are in charge of observing and maintaining. They will have to make observations each class, take pictures and those assigned the terrestrial chamber are required to do daily visits to the science room to water the plants. This observation period will last for three weeks and then finishes with them making a video documenting the e-column and the changes they observed. Below are sample charts to track data for each chamber they are assigned.

[gview file=”http://laulob.ism-online.org/files/2015/04/The-Individual-Journal-Data-and-Observations.pdf”]

Week of Sept. 16 – 20


In English this week, students have been working on improving and editing their personal narrative (small moment). They have been given strategies to help improve their writing and have been using peer feedback to get advice on what they need to improve. Teachers have also been consulting with students to add specific details, actions, thoughts, and dialogue to their writing. The due date for the narrative is next week before Classroom Without Walls (Tuesday or Wednesday depending on block). The next writing assignment will be a memoir. This will be an expansion of the personal narrative from one scene to three scenes. They can continue with their narrative they are currently writing or start with a new memory to write about.  The memoir will be due the second week on October.


We have started working on linear equation solving. The students have been solving multiple step problems to solve for one variable. They have also been working on having the same variable on both sides of the equation. This has caused some confusion for students, as they need to remember to bring the variable to one side first. I have added a video from Khan Academy below that reviews the concept. Next week will continue with equation solving and begin looking at word problems and how to set up an equation from those words.




Social Studies

In Social Studies, students have been learning about the impacts on WWI on the formation of The League of Nations and then looking at why the League of Nations eventually failed because of WWII. Students were given a UN reading packet that they will be using the interactive reading skills with and have read the first two sections. Student should have the packets marked up with these strategies and will continue to do so more next week. As they begin next week they will be watching a video on the overview of WWII. I have included the video they will watch in class for them to be able to review before and after class. Also, as a reminder, students need to be completing a Read and Respond each week. They should be doing this in a Google document that has the following sections: article link, article title, bibliography, a map of where the article is about, summary of article, a personal connection to article, and then questions they have about the article.





In Dr. Lacson’s class we spent this week reviewing for the Circulatory System quiz that week had on Friday. We also spent some time talking about blood types and how they differ. Students played a game on how to type blood and what types of blood can be used in transfusions. You can play too if you follow this link. Next week we will begin the Respiratory System.

In Mr. Pasamba’s class students were ready to dissect a pig heart, but Mr. Pasamba was ill for most of the week. He is feeling better and was here Friday. Some of the blocks were able to do the dissection on Friday. In his absence students did classwork on the Circulatory System to prepare them for the upcoming quiz. Students will need to complete a anatomical drawing of their heart dissection that traces the blood flow. An example of this was posted in the previous newsletters. This will be due next week. Check the homework calendar for the date.